Doggy Daycare

Wolfys VIP offers doggy daycare for small dogs only (up to 10kg).

  • We have a covered outdoor area and 5 separate areas for all different doggy types and ages. This means your playful pups can play, elderly and anxious dogs can watch and lay down, and dogs are rotated through the day so that they can have rest time, walk time and play or snack time separately in the different areas.
  • Dogs with specific needs will be catered for and we only take up to maximum of 5 dogs for daycare on any one day.
  • Dogs have access to a hygienic toileting area outdoors several times throughout the day. Toileting is cleaned up immediately and sanitised at the end of every day.
  • Throughout the day dogs are encouraged to play and interact with toys and each other and will be taken for a 30 min walk around the lake.
  • Comfortable beds and lounges are provided for every dog and fresh water is always available. There are beds inside in the quiet time areas too.
  • The play and sleeping areas are heated/air-conditioned year round.
  • Occasional care and half day care is available too.
  • We offer a pick up and drop off in the Gungahlin area only for cats and dogs.
  • Cats must be crated for travel and dogs will be carried in a specific dog carrier and seatbelt in the car.
  • Daycare hours are 830am till 530pm, though the drop off pick up may be done anytime within these hours.
  • Crated Daycare is available to cats also, with very large crates with beds, litter and fresh water.
  • Wolfys offers and Play and Wash Package so that Daycare dogs may be washed, blow dried and brushed for an additional $10 on top of the daycare fee of $35 per single dog, or $45 for two dogs.
  • Daycare is ideal for weekly socialising or just on an occasional basis and most dogs especially puppies really benefit from the ability to interact with other size and age appropriate dogs.

NB** Dogs that have extreme behavioural issues, aggression, fleas or any other contagious health issues may not be suitable for daycare.

  • Full Daycare is $35/dog or $10 for every extra dog
  • Daycare on top of a full groom is only $10
  • Half daycare is FREE 9-1pm only
  • Pick up and drop off in Gungahlin only $25 (return) plus $35 daycare fee or $10 with Full groom
  • Daycare plus wash dry brush ONLY is $45 per dog (cats not included)

The Laneway, 2-3 /7 Edgar street Ainslie, ACT


Tuesday– Saturday 8:30AM to 5PM

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