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Cat Full Groom Long Coat
Includes full wash/blow dry and brush, ear and nail clipping and sanitory clip.
Cat Full Groom Short Coat
Includes wash/blow dry and brush, ear and nail clipping
Cat Sanitary Clipping – Extras
Includes clipping under the tail and inside the legs
Full Belly and Sanitary Clip – Extras
Includes clipping hygiene areas, full belly and arm pits.
De-Matting Treatment – Extras
De Matting is judged on a case by case basis depending on the severity of the matting and temperature of the cat.
De-Shedding Treatment – Extras
Includes groom out all loose cat hair and dander.
Lion Clip
Lion clip is a full clip including wash/dry,ears and nails or cut only
Soft Paws Gel Caps
Gel caps for cat claws to stop them scratching people and furniture
$27(front)- $37(All Paws)
Combination Clip
Comb Clip includes a full haircut to any length and includes wash, blowdry and scissor.
$117(no wash)- $132(with wash)
Nail Clipping
All nails clipped front and back(price dependent on behaviour)
$12 to $17
Without regular grooming long haired cats such as Persians, Rag-dolls, Main Coons and many other cat breeds will become greasy and matted and most cat breeds will require seasonal de-shedding and grooming.
Did you know that although cats do groom themselves, they still require regular grooming and bathing to de-grease and de-shed the coat?
* Your cat will look, smell and feel better, and become used to the process of grooming with regular visits. Bring your cat for a free assessment.

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