Cat Grooming

We offer the full works at Wolfy’s V.I.P for Cat Grooming including:

  • Full Groom (wash, blow dry and deshedding comb out) for long and short coats
  • Sanitary Clip (bottom and between hind legs)
  • Full Belly Clip (clipped from underarms to between back legs and bottom)
  • Extra de-shedding options for the really hairy cats!
  • Lion Clip – a short, sleek full body haircut leaving the mane, legs and tail (either a full tail or lion tail)
  • Comb Clip – following the same lines as a lion cut but with additional length – only available on coats in good condition with no matting.
  • Soft Paws Gel Caps
  • Nail Clip

Lion Clips and Comb Clips come with a wash and blow dry as standard, which improves both the quality of the finished groom as well as the condition of the coat.

We provide a beautiful, relaxed and comfortable environment for all cats to be groomed and pampered without stress!


The Laneway, 2-3 /7 Edgar street Ainslie, ACT


Tuesday– Saturday 8:30AM to 5PM

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